The Costly Effects of an Outdated Organ Donation System


If the U.S. fixed its broken organ donation system, it could save thousands of lives and $40 billion in taxpayer money over the next decade.

Despite scientific advancements, the organ donation system is held back by poor management and performance.

Researchers, including former government experts, for this project investigated and analyzed the current organ donation system through interviews, case studies, and existing research. These reports outline what we found, and what recommendations we have for improving the system.

Where to start?

We recommend reading through our Summary of Findings. You can also read the PDF version here), or download a printable version.

You can also view our more comprehensive reports with specific areas of focus, such as Inequity in Organ Donation, OPO Best Practices, Technology Recommendations, and Acquisition Strategy for OPTN Tech.

The appendix has all of the maps and charts explaining the process.

Research supported by Arnold Ventures and Schmidt Futures in partnership with Organize and the Federation of American Scientists.

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